Breathe, Regenerate and Strengthen your Lungs

Breathe, Regenerate and Strengthen your Lungs


Are you struggling to overcome the symptoms of long-Covid, such as breathing limitations, fatigue, sense of exhaustion and mental fog?

Are you interested in training your lungs’ resilience and capacity for regeneration, even when under the stress of bacterial and viral infections?

Are you a Yoga or Mindfulness instructor who would like to rediscover a more open, natural and fluid breathing, beyond specific techniques, and help your students towards a healthy natural breathing flow even away from the yoga mat?


We will work together for 3 days in Amsterdam, during Easter, to learn and practise how to breathe smoothly, freely and completely and become aware of how this can relax, heal and improve the condition of body and mind. 

During the course we will: 

  • learn the anatomical foundations of breathing, the science behind breathing correctly and its effect on our biological functions and health
  • learn and practise deep breathing routines to strengthen our lungs
  • realign our posture, release muscular tension and restore the freshness and wellbeing of the body
  • apply our learnings about breathing to regulate the state of our mind, through awareness and relaxation, releasing stressful emotions and mental workload 
  • Have plenty of time for individual questions and answers

Breathing is something natural but…

Breathing is something natural, but the way we breathe is affected by our lack of awareness, and therefore experience, of how posture and emotions can influence it.

We often tend to breathe with tensions, blocks, quickly and superficially, and we are unaware of it 22.000 times a day, unconsciously adopting a habit similar to a fast food lifestyle, where we miss the chance to intake and absorb all the good nutrients, needed to preserve our health, that a complete diet would ordinarily provide us with. This ingrained habit of “incomplete” breathing eventually makes us more vulnerable to health problems, both physical (like low immunity, constant fatigue, or impaired biological functions) and psychological (stress, anxiety, mental fog).

Take the opportunity to discover how to breathe without tension, in a more complete and fluid way.

Why this course

Today many extraordinary and health-conducive breathing techniques are available to us through several traditional Yoga courses, or innovative breathing routines. The problem with these is twofold: the techniques are applied in specific settings, not immersed in the activity and chaos of everyday life, and they often require a certain capacity and performance (complex body movements, or plunging in icy water). While we may excel in applying a certain breathing technique in these settings, or feel like we will never have a chance because they are too difficult for us, often we still don’t know how to breathe well, naturally, when no technique is involved. That is, breathing in our everyday life, when we casually walk, speak, lay down, or just sit, or when our emotional state is altered and we are less than “perfectly calm, motivated and joyful”. The course is open to all ages and all physical predispositions. Let us know if you have any limitations and we will make sure to create the best experience, conditions and surroundings for you.

About the RESPIRA Method

Respira is a simple and effective method that teaches us how to rediscover fluid, complete respiration and integrate it in our lives. 

The method helps you deconstruct old breathing patterns, let go of the tension. It allows you to rediscover and enjoy your breathing. To liberate your breathing from unhealthy habits, and just let it be, in the clear presence of all its movements.⁠ 

Breathing is the door to our energy, the bridge that connects the mind and the body. If our body and energy are relaxed, our mind, too, can have little or no tension and really relax. Conscious, mindful breathing, mindful movements of our body, and a correctly and naturally aligned position allow our inner harmony to manifest.

The method was developed by Fabio Andrico, following his 40 years experience teaching Yantra and Hatha Yoga internationally, and compiled in the book Breathe As You Are in 2017. Respira is today taught internationally by Fabio and other authorised instructors.

The Instructor

Alessandra Policreti is a Respira Method, Yantra Yoga (Tibetan Yoga of Movement), Kumar Kumari (Tibetan Yoga for Children), and Complementary Medical Association’s Mindfulness certified instructor, with 30 years experience practising and teaching with students all across Europe. She has taught breathing and mindfulness at the Australian College of Applied Psychology, and several corporate and organisational trainings. Today she runs RespiraMente.

Alessandra became interested in Buddhism, in particular the Dzogchen Atiyoga Teaching, as taught by Chogyal Namkhai Norbu, in the early 90’s. This interest led her to travel to India, Nepal and Tibet, where she had the fortune of meeting other important Masters with whom she practised yoga and meditation, including Vipassana, in numerous retreats.

Back in the Western world, she studied different disciplines like Iyengar Yoga, contemporary and modern dance, and Pilates, developing a greater awareness of the body in movement and the connection with breathing.

She has deepened her practice with the study of the anatomy of breathing and since 2016 she teaches Respira, as a method that includes simple and effective breathing exercises that can be applied by everyone, to rediscover a more natural and healthy way of breathing and connect harmoniously mind, body and breath. 

Alessandra teaches with care, clarity and compassion. 

When and How

Amsterdam, Easter break, 15-16-17 April.

Theory and Intensive Practice, 5,5 hours a day (10:00-12:30; 14:00-17:00)

Price: €210 full, €180 Early Bird (applicable for payments executed before March 31st)

Participation based on Donation Only, for those really interested but facing financial constraints, is also possible.

!Although we recommend participation to the entire course to attend the required theoretical and practical modules, daily passes are also available!



Do you have questions or can we be of any help? Call +31648733923 (also available via Signal and WhatsApp)